Tawazun Offices Installation

Installation Proposal

Offsets : Industrial compensation practices required as a condition of purchase in either government-to-government or commercial sales of defense articles and/or defense services as defined by the Arms Export Control Act and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

- U.S. Department of Industry and Security

Tawazun, the UAE's Offset bureau, exists to counteract the insatiable investments of the global defense industry with the diversification and technological advancement of national industry of the United Arab Emirates.  This unholy balancing act is partially defined by a survey of the breadth of economic, industrial and cultural value generated by this enterprise. From fisheries, to aerospace to their own handgun manufacturers, Tawazun is developing a patchwork of new enterprise from these arrangements that are feeding the emergence of entirely new sectors of the national economy.

The Tawazun stair installations are a testament to the technological appropriations brought to the UAE through the Offset Bureau. The cloud-like forms of the stairwell installations resolve into precision crafted, machinic assemblies, displaying the true fruits of the exchange.  Composed of polished brass rod and stainless steel connectors, the installations echo the sophisticated technological innovations embodied in such ventures as Emirates Precision Industries (EPI) and Caracal International – two of Tawazun's subsidiary companies.

Considered as an offset venture in its own right, the Tawazun installations are designed to be manufactured on EPI's own multi-axis CNC Machining Centers and turning machines.  The highly customized and complex production and assembly process would be provided in the form of instructions and machine code, allowing the actual expertise and knowledge to be developed within Tawazun's own businesses.  The stairway installations would be an immediate and compelling cultural reminder of one small-scale, yet significant, offset venture, visible to all the employees and visitors to the Tawazun Headquarters.