SCI FI Pavilion

Invited Competition NBC Universal

The SCI FI Pavillion was designed for the SCI FI Channel as it's booth at the 2008 Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California.  The Comic-Con is a prominent comics and popular arts convention attended by 125,000 science fiction and comic book fans annually.  The 1950 sq ft pavillion is an interactive environment that can subsequently be broken down and transported to other venues.  Universal connections between different sections of the pavillion allow it to be partially or entirely reconfigured each time it is erected, with the possibility of creating a range of intermediate scales.

The main structural system is composed of 1/2" thick translucent polycarbonate panels that are connected to each other through universal metal hinges.  The hinges allow the panels to rotate until they are in position and once in position, they can be restricted by tightening a locknut.  A secondary structural system is composed of 1/4" or thinner polycarbonate panels that are formed into doubly curved shapes and bonded together into larger sections.  The outer edges of each large section are fitted with connection hardware that hinges to the primary system.