New York Hall of Science Regeneration Competition Proposal

Situ Studio’s proposal for ReGeneration responds to the dendritic concrete structure of the Central Pavilion to form a field of lightweight and flexible spaces designed to absorb, adjust and reflect themes of urban and environmental forces. 

A series of diaphanous vessels descend from the concrete coffers above and span obliquely to the newly programmed spaces below. The resulting condition, an array of diversely programmed enclaves, refigures the Pavilion’s dominant central space into a 3-dimensional network of enclosures and passageways, responsively adapted to the work of the 10 commissioned artists.  
Employing a system of cables, rigid rib-like elements and a sheer fabric skin, the scheme proposes a flexible and lightweight fabrication and assembly strategy that engenders a range of spatial possibilities – from vessels that peel away and hover to those that encapsulate and frame. 
The resulting diversity introduces a refigured grid for visitors of ReGeneration to navigate – a kind of urban microcosm in which installations addressing the nature of the contemporary city are alternately revealed and obscured as one navigates through the village-like exhibition space.