The Lake & Stars Installation

Proposal for BOFFO Building Fashion

This proposal for a temporary showroom for Lingerie Designers, The Lake & Stars, utilizes a simple palette of materials to create a space that explores themes of structure, skin, privacy and exposure. Chain-link mesh and large bolts of fabric alter a single room into an environment composed of common materials that have been entirely repurposed. These materials, left in their raw form provide an armature for the intricately detailed and constructed Lake & Stars garments showcased within. 

The chain-link mesh, placed in tension through twisting and bending, functions as a rigid structural system for the transformed space. The mesh covers the walls, at times folded, pinched and sheared to form display. Each article of clothing is given its own space and hovers within the thickness of the peripheral wall. At five locations, the mesh extends from ceiling to floor to create pod-like fitting rooms. The mesh pods are then leisurely draped with additional opaque fabric to provide a layer of privacy within. 
At the scale of the entire space, the layering of the materials (both textile and ferrous) creates a spectrum of sheer conditions ranging from the translucent to the opaque. The visitor’s experience alternates between the private, the public and the intimate as she moves through the showroom.