TYME Capsule

TYME Fast Food

In collaboration with TYME—a new company focused on radically changing fast food—SITU has created the TYME Capsule, a pop-up food venue that launched in Times Square in July 2017. With the capacity to serve over 1,000 meals a day out of 75 square feet, the Capsule combines the efficiency and convenience of fast food service with local and healthy ingredients at a micro scale.

Designed to contrast with typical shipping container kiosks, the Capsule is an organic rounded form, clad in cedar wood with modular components and a rooftop garden. Its design stems from a desire to create seamless service, both in terms of the customer experience, as well as employee efficiency. Fabricated in our Brooklyn Navy Yard Shop, the Capsule was built and installed in less than two weeks.

It’s the unit’s mobility, however, that has the most potential for widespread impact. With dimensions of 8’X12’, the Capsule can fit on a flatbed truck, on a forklift, and serve within almost any space. Deploy-able everywhere from urban centers to interior spaces to disconnected locations, the Capsule has the potential to provide food access all over the map.