Solar Pavilion 3

Solar One, All Points West

Solar Pavilion 3 is the third installment in a series of pavilions designed by Situ Studio that explore indeterminate construction systems that are shaped by sustainable building practices.  The goal of each design is to create a set of parts that are easy to assemble through a set of localized construction rules.  The flexible structural logic allows for a wide range of configurations that can be achieved with all or a portion of the same set of parts.  Manufactured with a zero-waste mandate, these designs explore methods for producing reconfigurable temporary structures at a low cost and with minimal environmental impact.

The pavilion's structure consists of 2,500 slotted strips milled out of 100 sheets of FSC certified plywood that are woven together and joined with "I" shaped aluminum fasteners.  All hardware is custom designed to allow for quick assembly as well to generate minimal waste during manufacturing.  A secondary set of compressive struts are inserted into the plywood slots forcing the strips to bend out of plane to form arching structural geometries.  Membranes made of biodegradable vinyl fabric are then stretched between plywood members, adding further stiffness to the structure, and providing shelter from the sun and rain.