Solar Canopy

Brooklyn SolarWorks

SITU Studio partnered with Brooklyn SolarWorks to develop an innovative solar canopy that maximizes rooftop solar power for a range of residential buildings in New York City. The Canopy tackles several design challenges for leveraging solar power in urban environments, such as fire code regulations, rooftop obstructions, and the wind load requirements of taller buildings. Designed to significantly reduce residential utility costs and power entire buildings, the Solar Canopy has the potential to transform solar for residents in New York, as well as other cities nationwide.

SITU leveraged its design and fabrication capacities to create the Canopy, a modular rooftop structure with PV solar panels affixed to a lightweight, adjustable aluminum frame. The prefabrication model means the Solar Canopy is replicable and customizable depending on roof size and structure as well as the particular solar capacities of the site.

In the past, roof surface features—like skylights and roof hatches—severely limited the use of surface-applied panels on New York’s building stock. The Canopy’s design overcomes these obstacles and compared to surface panels, can expand a rooftop solar system by up to 200 percent. As a result, the Canopy has the ability to power entire buildings and dramatically reduce utility costs.

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