One John Street Wall Panels

Alloy Development

SITU was commissioned by Alloy to design and fabricate custom textured concrete wall panels to wrap the base of their 12 story high-end residential building, One John Street. Working through a series of iterative material studies we developed a technique for creating a unique, organic texture by casting against a mixture of melted beeswax and salt. 

The panels clad both interior and exterior portions of the structural core of the building, covering 1,500sqft of wall surface in total. The panels are 2ft in width, 1in in thickness and stand nearly 17ft in height along John Street and reduce to 12ft to form a feature wall in the building’s lobby. Between each panel is a blackened brass fin which extends 1/4in proud of the face of the panels. 
Fabrication of the panels required that we engineer and build a custom oven table for extracting the wax and salt from the cast panels. The oven table inclined so that as the wax melted out of the panels it would drip down the face of the panels, subtly staining vertical drips on the face of the panels. 
While nearly all of the wax and salt melted off of the panels, some salt remains embedded in the panels. Depending on the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, salt crystals will form and fade on the face of the panels, ever changing the look and feel.
OSO Industries consulted on the design and assisted with fabrication.
Structural Engineering was by Laufs Engineering Design.