One John Street Reception Desk

Alloy Development

Designed and built for Alloy Development's One John Street the custom reception desk is comprised of eight unique brass cages of four distinct mesh openings filled with reclaimed rocks from the area. It covers 12sqft and stands 3ft 8in high with an approximate weight of 4,500 pounds.

The desk lends its appearance from the gabions often used as retraining walls in landscapes. Situated between the raw and the fine—the delicacy of the lock-crimped lightly blackened brass meshes and the rough reclaimed Belgian street cobblestones—it becomes a graceful welcoming feature of a residential building situated along Brooklyn Bridge Park..

The brass mesh openings decrease the bottom towards the top, starting with 2 inch openings at bottom going through 1inch, 1/2 inch and finishing in a delicate almost veil like 1/4 inch open mesh. A solid brass transaction tray—artistically blackened to enhance the depth of the metal—finishes the piece.