Making it in NYC:
The New Era of Manufacturing

BLDG 92: Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY

The 'Maker Movement’ is made up of an expanding group of tinkerers, artists, techies and manufacturers who are bringing making and manufacturing back to the US, and more specifically, New York City. This exhibit highlights the work of key local designers, makers and manufacturers who represent this movement.  The exhibit and programs are divided into five industry groups - Energy & Resiliency, Furnishing & Home Goods, Tech & Media, Building & Construction, Fashion & Apparel - and feature the contributions of nearly 30 New York businesses.

The exhibition design consists of 70 interlocking perforated and folded aluminum composite panels that support and frame the diverse content of the show. Functioning as a 3D pegboard, the adaptable display incorporates a degree of flexibility that anticipates the dynamism of the NYC maker scene. Visitors are invited to actively engage with and even operate the objects featured in the exhibition.

The challenge in designing this exhibition was to create a display system that is flexible enough to showcase the broad spectrum of innovation, entrepreneurship and production of the NYC Maker Movement. When displayed collectively, the exhibited products point to the renewed momentum in local manufacturing that this movement is generating.