Cable Camera

Brooklyn Museum

Situ Studio with Nathan Levine-Heaney & Jeffrey Blair

To document the installation phase of the reOrder project, Situ Studio developed a tracking time-lapse rig with cinematographer Nathan Levine-Heaney and engineer Jeffrey Blair.  The rig consisted of two components: a cable track with drive assembly and a camera car with pan motor.  Over the three weeks, rig was set up along a series of 5 path lines which combined to create a 700 foot zig-zag through the Brooklyn Museum’s Great Hall.  The drive and pan motors we’re controlled through Arduino boards and carefully coordinated to align the camera angle between path lines.  The camera took a photograph every 2 minutes and travelled approximately 35 feet per day.  The final product is a 2 minute fly-thru of the gallery which presents 200 hours of installation work.