Brooklyn Museum Visitor Experience

Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum commissioned SITU Studio to re-envision its entry sequence — incorporating flexible, modular components in the Glass Pavilion and Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Lobby space — as part of the Bloomberg Connects initiative, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ global commitment to increase access to cultural institutions and enhance visitor experiences through cutting edge technology and digital engagement. SITU developed a suite of components — a set of information desks, directories, ticket bars, and benches — designed to offer optimal program support for the diverse array of activities that take place within Brooklyn Museum’s public Lobby area.

Distributed throughout the entry sequence, the components are designed for continuous reconfiguration. A series of eight mobile benches integrate color-coded power outlets and USB ports encouraging visitors to charge mobile devices such as phones, cameras, and tablets. Ticket bars and desks are no longer static objects, but instead are designed to be repositioned rapidly in response to the museum’s evolving needs and events. The incorporation of a common material and color palette unifies the components and helps provide an increasingly seamless flow from the Museum’s entry plaza on Eastern Parkway to the galleries beyond.

SITU partnered with graphic design firm MTWTF to find ways for the architecture and graphic design to complement one another, as well as with Arup Transportation who further identified and underscored the relationship between furniture and graphic layout.