by Eric Weil, SITU Studio, Benjamin Sandell and Geoff Sosebee

The Aperiodix system grew out of research into tiling patterns used in Islamic architecture and the use of overlaying intersection patterns to create unique tilings. It utilizes the infinite aperiodic pattern field created from three triangles and their mirrored images. The face of each triangular concrete tile has a distinct undulating topography and is inscribed with a pattern of shallow, 1/8” wide grooves, that when tiled together will connect to form distinct, interacting patterns. Using the concept of interlocking geometric tiles with an inscribed secondary pattern, the Aperiodix system adds a third pattern layer with the surface topography. The interior set of triangles inscribed onto the face of the tiles does not relate directly to the undulating surfaces, which creates a complex interaction between the surface and the geometric pattern of triangles. The tiles are hand cast in integrally colored, fiber reinforced concrete and are available in four colors.

Aperiodix is a collaboration between Eric Weil, Benjamin Sandell, Geoff Sosebee and SITU Studio.